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The Region of Western Greece supports and promotes blood donation in order to mitigate blood shortages caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

Donate blood and help the Regions’ blood bank

The need for blood isurgent. The rapid spread of covid-19 has led to shortages of blood worldwide, hence the Region of Western Greece ask for all voluntary blood donors to keep donating. Any donation will help save a life or more.

The extreme shortage of blood is a result of the imposed social distancing measures, as well as the fear voluntary donors face that they may contract covid-19, if they transit to a blood donation center.

In this context, the Region of Western Greece, in cooperation with multiple blood donation organizations, the “Panagia I Voitheia” University Hospital of Patras and the General Hospital of Elis, will be deploying bloodmobiles all over the Region. Each bloodmobile is staffed with specialists following all security, safety and public health protection protocols and instructions. The donation procedure will be taking place in a manner that no donor will face any danger of contracting covid-19.

Why should I donate blood?

Safe blood saves lives and improves health. It is needed by people whom lives rely on regular blood transfusions.

Blood is a living tissue that cannot be replaced by any medicine. Our country needs more than 650.000 units per year, 110.000 of which are used by people suffering from Thalassemia.